Located over the containment liner in caps and closures, drainage geocomposites are used to avoid hydraulic pressure buildup in topsoils Leachate collection layer: Geocomposite drains offer the most reliable system to avoid the accumulation of leachate over the base liner while keeping its structure unsaturated Leak detection layer: Geonet and geocomposite drains are placed in between containment layers to create a void space through which leaking fluids can be detected and displaced outwards Formed by a triplanar HDPE geonet thermally bonded over one or both sides to nonwoven PP geotextiles


-Improves the drainage capacity or completely replaces the natural drainage layer -Homogeneous drainage solution that follows strict quality control procedures -Simple and aesthetic design that harmonically complements other geosynthetic systems -Lightweight and flexible composition -Highly robust and resilient, able to withstand the loads applied during installation -Chemically inert and imperishable -Fast, easy and reliable installation, does not require heavy machinery or qualified staff -Outstanding transportation capacity -Easy to store and protected against external agents -Low carbon footprint


-Extremely high transmissivity -Extremely low core compressibility -Stable transmissivity over the long term in accordance with GRI GC13 Specification -Suitable for installation over steep slopes -Customizable geotextiles -Under ISO and ASTM Standards -Rolls up to 4-m wide and customizable length


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Our catalog for Geosynthetic

Our catalog for Geosynthetic