Oriented Extruded NetsWide range of nets characterized by their elasticity, high memory and adaptability to any kind of product

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Punnet Packaging

Extruded nets for punnet packaging. This is the ideal solution for wrapping/packaging your product in punnets. These nets can be stapled or sealed as well as loaded onto the tube using a filling machine. They are available in a broad range of colours designed to enhance the visual impact of the product inside. The mesh has a soft texture and its structure allows a good visibility of the product; the consumer can check that the purchased product has not been manipulated by verifying that the original packaging is still intact. The packaged product is kept fresher thanks to the net structure which allows the product to breathe and prevents condensation inside the punnet.

Contributions : This light nets available in high variety of colors it's the perfect solution to guarantee the non manipulation of the fresh product

Features : PE extruded net. Available in a high range of different colors and two different weights and sizes


Other product packaging

This product range was developed to facilitate the packaging of a broad spectrum of items such as promotional materials, toys, seafood, meat, cheese, bird food, etc. The products’ design meet all requirements, combining strength with softness and flexibility with memory stretch. Suitable for direct contact with food products and supplied with the corresponding certification. They are delivered ready for closure with wire, staples, seals, seams, etc.

Contributions : A wide range of extruded nets with different structures, widths and weight to cover all our packaging needs. Not only fruits and vegetables but toys, promotional materials, etc.

Features : PE extruded nets in a large variety of colors Extensive variety of formats


Garlic and onions packaging

Intermas has a wide range of extruded oriented nets with memory stretch, designed for the packaging of garlic, onion and related products, either for in row or in bulk presentation. They stand out for their high retention ability so that the product can be kept in a line from its preparation until its opening for consumption. The many mesh structures and shapes allow to adapt the visibility of the packed product, either with manual machinery or with state of the art automatic machines.

Contributions : The high memory stretch of these nets made them the perfect solution for packing in line onions and garlic keeping its form

Features : Available in rolls of 1000 meters Available in a large range of colours.

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Our catalogue for Packaging

Our catalogue for Packaging