LandfillsEnvironment-friendly solutions for new cells and closures

Geosynthetics for new landfills and capping of old landfills

Traditionally, natural materials have been used as waterproofing layers (clay), drainage layers (gravel), filters and separation layers (sand). These materials are hard to get, slow and hard to install, over all in slopes.

During the last two decades, the geosynthetics have replaced the natural materials due to their important advantages: low-weighted, easy and fast to install, high reliability and cost saving.

Focused on offering safer and environment-friendly solutions, that can increase the capacity of the landfill, the INTERMAS drainage geocomposites have been used for yeas as drainage systems for new landfills and capping of old landfills.

New cells

Nowadays the raising environmental consciousness made us change the concept of Landfill. It is now impossible to think that a landfill is just a place for storing waste materials.

The modern landfill is a totally waterproofed container, prepared for storing all kinds of inert or dangerous materials, guaranteeing the protection of the environment by:
- a leak detection system of the waterproofing layer.
- drainage and collection of leachates (highly polluting liquids formed by the contact between water and waste materials).

Larger landfills capacities


Once the landfill is used at its full capacity, it must be capped by:
- a waterproofing layer.
- a rain water drainage system.
- a gas collection system.

To avoid the contact between rain water and waste material, as well as the uncontrolled evacuation of the bio-gas into the atmosphere, these systems also reduce the overpressure caused by the water.

Reduction of the loads on the waste

Gran Canarias’s (Spain) Juan El Grande landfill capping

Products and quantities installed:
Capdrain 55.12: 210000 m2
Interdrain GXG 412: 210000 m2

Our products


When applied to shallow depths and very low gradients, CAPDRAIN geocomposites are the perfect solution to maximize the flow capacity using a lightweight structure.


INTERDRAIN geonet and geocomposite drains offer a full range of solutions suitable in most common applications.


TECHDRAIN geonet and geocomposite drains have been designed to achieve outstanding transmissivity requirements under very high compressive loads.



Designed for all resistance requirements.


Designed to ease the growth of vegetation and avoid the erosion in slopes and channels.

Volumetrical mat made of two nets assembled together for base support and shape configuration. On of them is a BOP net (Bioriented)


Designed to ease the growth of vegetation and avoid the erosion in slopes and channels. The intermediate reinforcement geogrid adds the required tensile resistance.

Constituted of an erosion control mat and a reinforcement grid

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Our catalog for Geosynthetic