Roads & railwaysCost-effective geosynthetics solutions for ground consolidation

Rapid consolidation of soft ground

The presence of water in road and rail beds drastically reduces the useful life of the structure and produces distortions in the ground and irreversible damage to the bed. It is essential to have good drainage for the bed, above all when the ground is soft or the permeability is low.

INTERMAS geocomposites laid horizontally along the whole width of the roadway or railway line intercepts and drains off to the side the water that reaches the bed or the base of the embankment, be it rainwater or phreatic water.

In very soft grounds, a very effective solution for rapidly consolidating the ground and preventing differential settling over time is to use drainage wicks to collect the water, and INTERMAS geocomposites to evacuate to the sides, with the consequent saving of natural drainage materials.

Why is INTERMAS drainage a better solution than gravel?

In conventional designs, large volumes of aggregates are required to shape drainage layers, involving hundreds of transportation units per hectare. Moreover, shortage of permeable natural materials increases drastically the cost. To avoid this dependence, one single truck of drainage geocomposite is designed to cover the equivalent area of 600 dump trucks for a 80-cm thick layer.


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Our catalog for Geosynthetic