Surface signalisationSafety for workers and passers

Signalisation nets for building sites

INTERMAS signalisation nets allow you to comply with the mandatory safety rules on construction sites. These nets delimiting the area of your public works will guarantee the safety of the workers and that of passers-by. Proposed in different lengths, and with bright colour for easy identification, INTERMAS will provide you the more adapted solution to your project.

Our products


Not oriented orange fencing

Orange fencing not oriented net used to secure construction site perimeters, roadworks and sports events. Extruded from polyolefin, it is highly visible. Thanks to its anti UV treatment and its longitudinal traction resistance, it can support heavy weather conditions. It is available in different colors, weights and heights and can be customized upon request.


Mono oriented extruded plastic fences

Mono oriented extruded plastic fences specially developed for cordoning, signaling and fencing of building areas on construction sites. All the nets offered are produced with additives environmental friendly to contrast and resist to the rays U.V. degradation. They don’t fade away time and are unaffected by atmospheric agents, acids and molds. Complete range with different weights and mesh structure.


We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our technical sales team which will be pleased to help you find the optimal solution to your needs.

Our catalog for civil works

Our catalog for civil works