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High performance drainage geocomposites for mines

Mining extraction processes are often associated to a strong environmental impact. This impact is not only related to the large excavation areas involved, but especially related with the ore – gangue separation techniques (mineral processing), as well as the generation of highly pollutant waste related to these processes.
The use of geosynthetic products, in particular of high performance drainage geocomposites such as InterDrain andTechDrain provide a technical and reliable solution procuring the necessary guarantees for the correct management of leach and other mining waste, optimizing as well the long-term performance of the drainage system.

INTERMAS geocomposites have been widely used in mining operations around the world to fulfill the following functions

Leach collection in tailings dams and heap-leach pads.
Leak detection under a geosynthetic barrier (geomembrane or GCL).
Rainwater drainage in ore covers over a geosynthetic barrier (geomembrane or GCL).
Excellent protection and anti-puncture system for the waterproofing system.

Tailing Dam

Muds blanquet drainage
Leak detection
Geomembrane protection

Residue storage capping

Rainwater drainage
Geomembrane protection

Why are the INTERMAS geocomposites the best drainage solution for mining?

They provide excellent compressive strength and durability which makes them especially suitable for applications with high loads (PADS leaching PADS  and settling ponds) as well as excellent protection of waterproofing systems (CBR conedrop, etc ...).
They have an optimal creep behavior for mining applications which guarantees a proper performance of the product throughout the design life of the jobsite.
They have excellent resistance to oxidation and microorganisms. The structure of our geocomposites has been specially designed to ensure excellent steadily hydraulic flow even under severe conditions.
They have CE marking and have been tested in external labs with GAI-LAP certification having numerous and successful references.

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Our catalog for Geosynthetic