PackagingOur nets and mesh bags add brand quality, visibility and potential to the finished product

Efficient mesh packaging solutions to cover all needs

A tailor-made plastic mesh solution for each product

Efficient mesh packaging solutions to cover all needs

The constant search for innovation, leads INTERMAS Packaging to offer one of the widest product ranges on the Packaging market. Solutions such as oriented extruded nets, knitted nets, tubular plastic meshes, or printed solutions are some of the most known product types in our range.

All our packaging are though to give our customers the maximum guarantee in terms of protection, packaging appearance and suitable contact with the fresh produce.

Providing to packaging specialists and producers across the world real and efficient mesh packaging solutions. All our products are manufactured following the highest quality standards and in compliance with environmental standards. Intermas accomplishes the BRC certification to guarantee the market standards when speaking about food packaging.

Intermas, for qualitative and sustainable packaging solution

We manufacture our Packaging following the highest standards of quality, in compliance with environmental regulations. In this way, we ensure the maximum protection of the products against potential damage and, preserving the visual aspect and durability of the product content.

For packing a wide scope of products such as garlic, onions, fruits and vegetables or toys between others. Our meshes are suitable for automatic and mechanical filling packaging systems. Our net range is perfectly versatile for products, by protecting and taking care of them.

Do you have a project in packaging?

We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our technical sales team which will be pleased to help you find the optimal solution to your needs.

Our catalogue for Packaging

Our catalogue for Packaging