Extruded NetsThey allow several combinations that add value to the product thanks to the different presentations choice

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Ready-made bags for fruit and vegetables

Suitable bags for a wide range of products in small quantities. Impeccable presentation thanks to the high definition of its strands which allows to unify the colours of the packed product. Also available with printed label for an easy identification.

Contributions : Ready-made bags, just to fill the product in and sealed closed.

Features : Different types of meshes regarding opaqueness needs Different sizes of bags and/or differents colors available


Extruded nets for bags with printed film

Those meshes, in constant evolution since its launch, guarantee the vertical and well visible position of the packed product in the sales display. Its structure offers the best possibilities of presentation and vision of the products, allowing multiple combinations to highlight the final appearance of the bag. Tubulars : Meshes manufactured in tubular format for the packaging of fruits and vegetables with bag preform system automatic machines. They are available in different widths from 18 to 30 cm. Flats : Meshes produced in flat format for the packaging of fruits and vegetables with automatic vertical machines.

Contributions : The 6xxx nets guarantee the vertical position of the end package on the display. Premium packaging option. The 8xxx nets are a more economic solution for your packaging but keeping its high quality and its vertically on the display.

Features : The 6xxx nets: PE extruded nets in a variety of colors and width as well as two structures offering different visibility of the product The 8xxx nets: PE extruded nets in a variety of colors and widths. Available in 3 different structures

Extruded Nets Bio

Extruded nets for bag with printed BIO

Biodegradable and compostable nets for the packaging of fruits and vegetables in automatic vertical filling machines. They maintain verticality on the display, and thanks to the compostable printed film it can be customized increasing the brand's visibility.

Contributions : 100% biodegradable and compostable mesh, which together with the film of the same material, allow creating a 100% compostable container without any other element.

Features : 100% biodegradable and compostable material

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Our catalogue for Packaging

Our catalogue for Packaging