SlopesEffective solutions to fight erosion and stabilize soils

Revegetalisation of slopes

Following intensive research and permanent development, there is now a solution, consolidated and supported by results, in the battle against erosión: TRINTER

Why is TRINTER the ideal solution for the Erosion Contol?

Vegetation is the most effective protection for preventing erosion on slopes. On many sites, vegetable soil or substrate runs the risk of being swept away before vegetation has had time to establish itself. The most difficult slopes to revegetate are those where it is difficult to supply vegetable soil and the existing substrate is not ideal for the growth of vegetation. Erosion control and revegetation treatment using TRINTER provides an effective solution to these problems.


Cuttings and embankments on roads and railways.
Tunnel mouths and false tunnels.
System for retaining fines on unstable slopes (triple twist mixed mesh system +TRINTER). 
Golf courses, grass slopes and gardens.
Landfill and basin slopes.


It has the flexibility required to adhere to the slope’s surface. - It offers a high soil retaining capacity.
It allows the reuse of topsoil extracted from the worksite.
It guarantees the rapid growth of vegetation.

Our products


Volumetrical mat made of two nets assembled together for base support and shape configuration. On of them is a BOP net (Bioriented)


Constituted of an erosion control mat and a reinforcement grid



Designed for all resistance requirements.

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Our catalog for Geosynthetic

Our catalog for Geosynthetic

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