BIODEGRADABLE & BIOBASED CABLES TIES Biodegradable ecosystem engineering elements

BESE-cable ties provide a biodegradable alternative to plastic cable ties as a fastening method. This product will be functional the first years, but degrades after having served its purpose. Because biodegradable it can not be fastened as tight as a regular cable tie. It could snap more easily than a regular cable tie under a lot of force.


Environnment friendly


The biopolymer Solanyl is certified as EN13432 (industrial composting) andcertified according TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost. Contains no petrochemical or metallic substances. Biodegradability depends on environmental conditions and usage. Biodegradation in submerged conditions are 10-20 years

Intermas Oyster reef biodegradable bags to protect shoreline from erosion

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