Diamond nets for shrimp farming

Intermas Aquaculture is producing a wide range of extruded nets in many shapes, weights and dimensions, offering solutions as filtration, separation (swimming pools), drying, as well as the production of crustacean or cephalopods traps, cages, closures, etc... The mechanical properties are a quality guarantee in terms of strength and durability.


Extruded mesh, specially designed to work in the gates of the Shrimp farms. Its mechanical properties guarantee us a maximum quality in terms of resistance to breakage and durability. Meshes specially designed for the gates of the Shrimp farms. Due to their height, they allow to take full advantage of the coils, for the gates; large number of references, which allow us to work with different mesh light, appropriate to each situation of the crop. Its grammage is adequate to be able to work on several crops without having to change the meshes on each harvest, on the contrary, we can reuse them several times, also the thick one allows us to work with brushes without breaking them. Its UV protection is also developed to give the product a longer life. Durable, non-toxic mesh that won't rust, rot or corrode.


• Material: HDPE • UV Stabilized (long lasting) • Antioxidants • Recyclable • Rhombic Mesh • Grammage from 660 & 850 gr / ml • Height 1.20 meters

HDPE ANTI-UV Diamond mesh

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