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HDPE LINERS (High Density Polyethylene)

Liners made of flat calender, based on HDPE high density polyethylene (97.5%) and carbon black (2.5%) as a stabilizer U.V. This smooth and uniform coating favors its installation in swimming pools. A perfect solution for waterproofing fish farms, for example for aquaculture of species such as shrimp and tilapia


· The geomembrane takes care of the environment and does not interact with it like PVC and EPDM. · Lower cost of material and application than other waterproofing sheets, such as PVC, EPDM and PP.


· High mechanical resistance to traction, tear and elongation at break. · Excellent chemical resistance against organic and inorganic solvents. · Stabilized against U.V. radiation · Installation standards on site: UNE 104421 in reservoirs. · Manufactured according to ISO 9002 and UNE 104300 standards. Quality certificate on each coil. · The specific formulation of the product gives it excellent weldability, highlighting its mechanical properties and chemical resistance. · Meter printing on the side of the sheet, countdown system. · Black Color. · Width of 5.8 and 7.5 m; With this width of 7.5m, it optimizes installation costs and quality control, reducing the number of welds by more than 20% compared to a width of 6.20m. · Thicknesses from 0.50mm to 2mm, depending on the application.


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