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Artemia first class / premium

Highest Quality Artemia Cysts for the early stages of marine fish and shrimp larvae. Also for feeding in aquariums. Intermas Nets from 2021 is a commercial partner of the company FIDES ARTEMIA (, located in Turkey. Intermas Acuacultura is an agent in the European markets; North America, Central America, South America and Africa. Intermas only offers the best product on the market, which is the ARTEMIA FIRST CLASS (PREMIUM), perfect for larvae / fingerlings and crustaceans production laboratories as well as for aquariums, where the best product is sought. FIDES Artemia cysts are collected from selected sites in Asia and Eastern countries.


Advantages of brine shrimp as a live food. Artemia is considered by many to be the living food par excellence and this is not only due to its high nutritional value as there are clear added advantages that make it the most widely used live food worldwide. Artemia nauplii are a live food commonly used in fish and shrimp larviculture. As live prey they have an optimal size, are very nutritious and stimulate the feeding response: • They are small in size, ideal for feeding fingerlings. • They offer great efficiency in feed conversion. • Eggs can be stored for years. • It is very fast and easy to hatch or decapsulate the eggs. • A continuous culture of brine shrimp is not necessary. • They reinforce the hunting instinct of fish. • Does not require prior investment or experience.


Technical characteristics: Cyst density: more than 350,000 cysts per gram Hatching percentage> 90% Cyst diameter: 200-220 microns. Hatching Efficiency: 260,000-270,000 nauplii per gram. Nauplii Length:: 400 microns Nutritional value Protein: 55% Lipids: 18% Carbohydrates: 16% Minerals: 6% Humidity: 8-10% (n-3) HUFA: 15 mg / g * HUFA: highly unsaturated fatty acids Storage: Keep the product in the freezer at a temperature of around 3-5ºC. At least 48 hours before hatching, place the product at room temperature to avoid thermal shock. Packaging: Aluminum cans of 500 g, 6 kg per box. 10kg plastic buckets. Hatching conditions 1. Lighting: 2,000 Lux mix on the surface of the tank 2. Salinity: 25-30 ppt 3. Temperature: 25-30C 4. pH: 7.5-8.5 5. Hatching: 20-24 h 6. Aeration: Moderate point aeration 7. Density: 1-2 kg of cysts per m3 Nauplii Separation 1. Close the aeration. 2. Close the light covering the tank. 3. Wait a few minutes. 4. Start harvesting very slowly. 5. At the end of the harvest an easy separation is made. Storage: Not above + 4 ̊C Adaptation: Minimum two days at room temperature before hatching. Water preparation (brine): 30 ̊C, 25-30 ppt, 7.5-8.5 ph, 2000 lux, light and aeration. Hatching: 24 hours. Separation: Stop the aeration for about 30 minutes, place the light at the bottom of the incubation tank, take the Artemia nauplii and rinse them with fresh water. Discard surface debris.

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