SA-12R / SA-16R

The spherical round-serie buoys are made from a rotomolded HDPE shell and filled with air, guaranteeing a compressive strength. They are designed for either on the surface use or submerged to maximum 13,72 meters working depth and available in 3 colors. Mainly used for marking of fishing gear and cables or different other surface installations and used as the main floating device in long-line mussel farms. They also are perfectly suited for the cultivation of pearl oysters and floating poche systems.


- Stable buoyancy to arrays of underwater equipment
- Recyclable material


Color: black, yellow, white
Diameter: 30.5cm
Height: 36.8cm
Eyelet: 3.94cm
Volume: 15,144 cc
Buoyancy: 13.15 kg
Maximum working depth: 13.72 mtr
Weight: 850gr
Material: HDPE recyclable plastic
Filled with air /blow moulding
Packaging: 100 units / pallet


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