RUBBER BANDS Accessories

Rubber band

Elastics Rubber band used to hold bags on tables or to close the bags (depending on the mesh size).


Very good product quality convenient fo tables work system, high resistance and durability.


• Dimensions: 250/15; 185x15; 185x10; 145x10. • 2.2 mm thick • U.V resistant material • Black color



What is an Oyster Bag? Intermas

Intermas describes here what an oyster bag is. It explains the advantages and benefits of the two types of mesh: diamond and square. You will discover the different options that exist, such as its closure system, its customization, its technical features (weight, dimensions, mesh size, welded, reinforced, open, preconformed, etc.)

Floating Bags Oyster System

Oyster farming system afloat at the water surface. The floating system with rectangular or cylindrical floats can be handled easily by removing and replacing floats attached on sides or the bottom using cable ties or elastics. When approaching winter time, this growing method allow to sink oyster bags under the ice and protect oysters of rough weather.

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