Floats for Oyster bags

The floats are fixed on the oyster bag's sides, they allow to work in shallow water (swamps, lagoons, etc.)


100% virgin material
100% recyclable
Strong & resistent


Material: High Molecular Weight HDPE
Color: black
Weight: 0,53 kg
1 pallet: 375 units
Flotation/unit: 4,4 kg +/-
Total Length: 81,3 cm
Diameter: 8,9 cm
Height: 7,6 cm


Horizontal suspended system for Oyster farming

A tidal culture method where intermas oyster bags are suspended horizontally from a longline, installed two by two and separated by posts driven into the seabed at regular intervals, usually shallow and in tidal areas. This technique ensures a good water flow circulation due to the movment of the tide.

Floating Bags Oyster System

Oyster farming system afloat at the water surface. The floating system with rectangular or cylindrical floats can be handled easily by removing and replacing floats attached on sides or the bottom using cable ties or elastics. When approaching winter time, this growing method allow to sink oyster bags under the ice and protect oysters of rough weather.

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