OYFLOAT Accessories


OYFLOAT floats are made of high-density polyethylene, a fully recyclable and practically unsinkable material with a lower density than water; They are manufactured using the blow molding technique.


Large capacity floats, which allow to put between 150-200 oysters (27/30kg of weight). This float is perfect to be able to turn it over and thus be able to clean the bottom part and prevent against parasites and bacterial diseases, apart from giving the oyster greater robustness. This float is ideal for the Oyster Bag Casier in 900gr.


• Material: HDPE + UV
• Measurements: 78 x 49 x h.10cm
• Thickness: 3 cm
• Weight: 2,200 -300gr
• Presentation: 1 pallet: 58 units
• Positive buoyancy of ± 27/30 Kg,
• Maximum load capacity in Poche 150-200 adult oysters,
• Waterproof
• Highly resistant to shock and temperature changes,
• Extremely manageable (without effort or difficulties),
• Stackable one inside the other (occupying less space for storage and transportation with cost savings).

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