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Bio rope for multi usage

Our biodegradable ropes are made from 100% ecological compostable materials. They are characterized by their rapid compostability in terrestrial composters; thus protecting the environment, in particular the marine and coastal environment. Intermas Group, as a company committed to the environment, invests efforts, time and resources in aquaculture projects whose objective is none other than to protect the environment around us. In these projects, we focus on sustainable solutions without forgetting the performance and technical characteristics required by many applications. Our main objective is to develop a rope that respects the environment, especially the sea, and to protect our common future. Intermas is working on the development (research phase) of biodegradable ropes for multiple applications. And in the case of aquaculture, for artisanal fishing and tuna fishing (Biofads). This fishing system in particular affects marine pollution due to storms which accentuate the loss and rupture of Biofads and, consequently, end up being part of marine debris in the oceans, the seabed or on beaches. To avoid this situation, it is important to recover ropes to admit them to a composting facility, where they will degrade through their integration into the environment.


• Low cost of waste management as it can be managed sustainably in composting facilities. • Equipment manufactured in the laboratory, therefore using no natural resources and not harming the environment. • The Biorope product can be used by controlling its use in certain applications and / or by adapting the current processes of aquaculture, fishing and recreational activities to this biodegradable solution. • Participation in environmental protection.


•Material: OK-COMPOST certification in accordance with UNI EN 13432: 2002 regulations. •Construction: 3 twisted strands •Colors: green / white (more colors in option) •Packaging: 200m reels •Stretch: high •Buoyancy: negative •Alimentarity: certificate of alimentarity •Biodegradable in the marine and terrestrial environment / compostable / recyclable •Manufacturing option: rope of 3 or 4 twisted strands •Manufacturing option: any diameter •Product made with biocompostable material: performance of the rope with guarantees according to certain parameters. Control of the conditions of use required.


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