ANCHOR BAND Accessories

Anchor bands to fix the oyster bags

To use with hooks.


Rubber anchor bands are used to close the Oyster Bags, in the form of an anchor it attaches without making knots to open and reopen simply


• Dimensions: 10; 12;14.5;16 & 20 cm length. • Thickness : 10 ( 2,5mm); 12 ( 1,5mm); 14,5(3mm); 16(1,5mm); 20(1,5mm) • U.V resistant material • Black color



What is an Oyster Bag? Intermas

Intermas describes here what an oyster bag is. It explains the advantages and benefits of the two types of mesh: diamond and square. You will discover the different options that exist, such as its closure system, its customization, its technical features (weight, dimensions, mesh size, welded, reinforced, open, preconformed, etc.)

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