RECINGREEN HD Tree & vine protection

THE RECINGREEN HD 100% bi-oriented POLYPROPYLENE fence, combines strength and lightness

This INTERMAS fence is manufactured using a bi-oriented manufacturing process, which gives the strands exceptional and optimal strength. RECINGREEN mesh is hot stretched during manufacture, which increases its tensile strength. Its weight reduces the phenomenon of stretching and sagging. A light and durable fence thanks to its breaking strength of 1 t /m². An economical solution that is resistant to climatic conditions, "eco friendly", to animals and humans. Installs and removes easily.


Lightweight, easy to carry and handle Quick to install Excellent UV resistance No rust or corrosion (rot-proof) Recyclable, Reusable for several years Tensile strength 1 t/m² Thanks to a specific manufacturing process, Recingreen HD+ offers high mechanical resistance (more than 1 t/m²). Its weight, quite light, facilitates its handling and consequently its installation. The product can be disassembled. It can be used, among other things, to delimit areas close to slurry pits, in circulation corridors close to livestock buildings or in anti-bird grids.


Game fence Fencing parks and gardens, sports fields, construction sites Property delimitation Poultry enclosure (ducks, pheasants, hen); Livestock enclosures (sheep, horses, pigs, cows) Field crop protection Scaffold protection

Recyclable 100% UV RESIST


This mesh is ideal for deer fencing and is highly effective if well selected, installed, and maintained. It can be used to control small animals as well.It is a much less expensive alternative than wire mesh or wire fences while being very resistant (good tensile strength). It is also more cost-effective than barbed wire fences (5 strands or more), wood fences, chain link fences, acrylic fences and permanent electrical fences.This net is lightweight and easy to install and maintain because it doesn’t require any specialized tool to set it up.It is virtually invisible and its UV protection makes it last for many years.

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