CLIMATIC BIO Tree & vine protection

Intermas offers a range of biodegradable next-generation protectors

Protection against rodents that is 100% biodegradable with a small mesh. It provides a windbreak and shade. It has good vertical rigidity and is easy to install In order to strengthen its environmental awareness, the INTERMAS group offers ecological solutions for the different sectors in which it operates. With this in mind, the group offers a complete range of biodegradable mesh sleeves, effective for 2 to 3 years and made from 100% natural and organic materials, certified EN 13432 and 14995. Associated with a biodegradable mulch of the Hortaflex type, these protections make it possible to carry out an organic agricultural or landscaping site. made with materials that are 100% organic (starch mixture) EN 13432 and EN 14995 certified


- Biodegradable and environmentally friendly product - Resumption of the user sleeve, not necessary - Good "windbreak" effect and significant shade - Optimal ventilation of the plant - The tight mesh (4x4mm) prevents buds from emerging, thus avoiding any risk of browsing - Easy and quick to install by simply "threading" around one or two acacia stakes - Facilitates the identification of plants and the clearing


100% biodegradable and compostable Diameter: 14cm Height: 60cm / 120cm Stretch mesh: 4x4mm Weight: 90g/ml Black color Made in France from virgin material

Made in France Deer Rabbit Sun Wind


Simple and economic protection, specially designed to defend young plants from rodents, rabbits and hares. With two stakes, installation is optimal. Like Protectnet but the heavier and more rigid structure ensures better protection and increased vertical rigidity. For installation, a single stake can be used. Protection of vine plants. Combined tubular structure: anti-rodent square-mesh net in the upper part and a totally closed anti-herbicide sheath in the lower part. It ensures ventilation and good light transmission for the plants. Four preformed folds facilitate installation which is completed with two stakes. CLIMATIC Double mesh protector for young plants, ideal to guard them from deers. The thicker yarn structure ensures rigidity and resistance to tearing that are superior to the Climatic Mixte. Recommanded tree protector in case of high density of deers in the plantation area. Four preformed folds facilitate installation. Protection in a rigid fine mesh which, thanks to its shading and windbreak effect, creates the ideal microclimate for the growth of young plants. Good resistance against animals and easy installation, with two stakes.

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