CELLOTEX 200 Livestock farming

Nonwoven fabric for protection against foragers, bad weather, dust and birds

In particular it is easy to set up and effective on bales of hay piled and stored in open fields, but is also good for covering corn, pruning residues and compost. Anti-UV. CELLOTEX 200 is a tarpaulin that is placed on the windrows of compost from droppings, manure or vegetable waste to ensure the best possible composting. Ideal solution also to economically protect your dry wood chips


The ideal cover for perfect quality composting. • Maintains optimal humidity conditions allowing screening at any time. • Protects compost from drying out by sun and wind. • Guarantees humic fermentation by promoting the "good" gas exchange. • Decreases losses by seepage of juice because it protects precipitation. • Significantly reduces nutrient leaching (mainly nitrogen and potash).


• Needlepunched nonwoven of continuous filaments • 100% polypropylene • Color green • Weight 200gsm • UV protection • Chemically stable to acids and bases • Resistant to microbial organisms and juices • 3 or more • Tear resistance even in strong winds • Wind resistance because it does not float • Breathable • Vapor permeable


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