CERVITUBE OPEN Landscaping, arboriculture & nursery

Open tubular sheath, very rigid and very resistant

Open protection that can be used in silviculture, but also in arboriculture, forestation and viticulture, against mechanical weeding, (trimmers)Very rigid, it does not need any stack and can be fitted after planting.Allows mechanical weeding (brushing), without the risk of damaging the plant. Product usable in agroforestry, as protection against poultry.


- Open product, split over the entire height (facilitates installation and removal) - Reusable product - Very rigid product (No need for stakes or support accessories) - Very heavy and very resistant product, Withstands shocks, and any pruning wounds caused by weeding machines, attacks by game and livestock - Durable, thanks to its anti-UV treatment -Open to its full height, so easy to install and reusable. - "Eco-responsible" protection, as it can be removed after maintenance work. Respects the environment by less use of chemical weed control products. - Versatile product: usable in vineyards, arboriculture, green spaces, agroforestry.


Material Anti-UV treated polyolefins. Diameter: 10cm. Height: 30cm. 3D meshes: 6x6mm, the thick meshes, in 3 dimensions, give the CERVITUBE exceptional solidity. Weight: 330gr/ml. Brown color. Package of 6 units. USING ADVICE The Cervitube open 30cm does not constitute protection against rodents! We recommend the use of a "colson" type self-tightening collar to keep the duct closed during maintenance work.

Deer Rabbit Machinery Sun Wind


Simple and economic protection, specially designed to defend young plants from rodents, rabbits and hares. With two stakes, installation is optimal. Like Protectnet but the heavier and more rigid structure ensures better protection and increased vertical rigidity. For installation, a single stake can be used. Protection of vine plants. Combined tubular structure: anti-rodent square-mesh net in the upper part and a totally closed anti-herbicide sheath in the lower part. It ensures ventilation and good light transmission for the plants. Four preformed folds facilitate installation which is completed with two stakes. CLIMATIC Double mesh protector for young plants, ideal to guard them from deers. The thicker yarn structure ensures rigidity and resistance to tearing that are superior to the Climatic Mixte. Recommanded tree protector in case of high density of deers in the plantation area. Four preformed folds facilitate installation. Protection in a rigid fine mesh which, thanks to its shading and windbreak effect, creates the ideal microclimate for the growth of young plants. Good resistance against animals and easy installation, with two stakes.

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