Biodegradable support net for climbing plants

Support net for climbing plants which, during their height growth, cling to the stake. They guarantee easier, healthy and orderly growth of crops. The resulting advantages are: a better yield, an improvement in the air circulation and the passage of light, an acceleration of the ripening and coloring processes of the fruits as well as a greater speed in the collection and in ordinary operations. The lightness of the mesh allows a simple and practical installation. Trellisnet Vertical BIO is ideal in the cultivation of cucumbers, peas, beans, peppers and eggplants.


Biodegradable product in terrestrial environment. Sustainable waste management. Obtaining a final product (fruits and vegetables) resulting from an environmentally friendly production thanks to the use of innovative material for its preservation.


• Square net • Eco-friendly innovative product • Colors: green and available in other colors upon request • Mesh size: 15x15cm • Length: 250 meters • Height: 1,80 m

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