ANTITRIP Horticulture

Net with smaller meshes (350µ) than the CLIMABIO (850µ)

INTERTRIP allows plants to grow naturally, avoiding diseases transmitted by insects. It allows a specific fight against thysanoptera including thrips thanks to an extremely fine mesh. The thrip measures between 1 and 2mm and readily attacks market gardening, fruit orchards…. By biting and sucking the plants, they can transmit viruses that may slow down the growth, or even stop the growth of the plant. A real mechanical barrier, flexible, light and luminous, our net promotes ideal growth conditions for the young plant and guarantees optimal protection against small pests.


Its use makes it possible to reduce the use of phytosanitary products and thus contributes to respect for the environment. This net can be installed in different ways: on hoops, flat and on a tunnel.


Width: 2.10m/ 3.10m Length: 250ml Weight: 25g/m² 350µ mesh Material: polyamide

Air and water ventilation Anti insects OMBRAGE

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