TRELLISNET XL Fruit & vegetable growing

Vertical trellis net for climbing plants as berries and vegetables

Trellisnet XL mesh is the ideal solution to grow raspberry, currant and blackberry or paprika plants in a healthy, organized way and with optimal yield... It is an extruded mesh suitable for supporting heavier climbing plants to provide fruits optimally. The Trellisnet XL product differs from the range of trellis meshes due to its color and its size, perfectly indicated to guide vegetables and climbing plants in their growth and totally facilitate the harvest of their fruits.


• Quick and easy mounting • Accelerates the harvest (faster) • Double thread reinforcement unique in the market for greater resistance • Black color to distinguish the mesh from the plant when pruning, thus avoiding cutting the mesh. • ease of installation compared to the traditional system • Improves the daily working conditions of the workers, facilitating daily operations and saving time and labor • Improves air circulation and better passage of light, to facilitate optimal plant growth • Increases yield, more crop density, higher number of fruits and their caliber • Accelerates maturation. Guarantees the color of fruit and vegetables


• Colour: black • Wide light hole: 40 cm x 40 cm • Lateral reinforcements • UV resistant • Made in Europe • Material: PP • Light and resistant mesh (supports high weight of fruits)

Vertical Staking meshes : Trellisnet XL

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