TOP CLIMAT Fruit & vegetable growing

Polyethylene mesh ensuring a thermal covering over crops in autumn and spring, as protection from the cold and aid to maturation

With respect to the outside temperature it ensures an increase of 1-3° C, filters the direct effects of the sun and keeps the soil humid. Its structure also allows the physical protection of the crop against heavy rain, hailstones, wind, small wild animals, birds and insects. Ideal for protecting potatoes, large-leaved greens, green beans.


• Raises the temperature by between 1 and 3° C, particularly at night and in the early morning and reduces burns from direct light. • Enhances humidity and condensation thanks to good ventilation. • Shelters crops from heavy rain and hail. • Protects against game-inflicted damage. • Guarantees protection against flies, butterflies and large insects.

Deer Anti heavy rain Anti humidity Anti insects Temperature regulation

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