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INTERMAS offers a comprehensive range of nets allowing to protect cables against various factors that negatively impact on the cable lifetime.

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ROCKSHIELD PV (Photovoltaic sites)

Extruded protection grid in HDPE

This product is an alternative to the Rockshield RS which presents the same technical features and performances. It is suitable to protect the cabling of wind parcs during the embankment process. The Rockshield PV is put in bottom of excavation and above the cables, directly in the trench.


Extruded protection grid in HDPE

This grid provides mechanical protection of electrical cables against the aggression of materials during the landfill and during trench compaction.
Its grid structure enables the soil fine elements screening from the cable burial, allowing reinforcement of the mechanical strength through mesh filling. Moreover, direct contact of the cable with the ground ease the evacuation of its own heat when it is powered.
This soluton allows the excavated soil sewage without having to bring sand bed, generating this way a substantial economic gain.


We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our technical sales team which will be pleased to help you find the optimal solution to your needs.

Our catalog for civil works

Our catalog for civil works

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