Garlic and onionsGreat visibility of the product both in line and grouped

A wide range of extruded oriented nets

INTERMAS has a wide range of extruded oriented nets with memory stretch, designed for the packaging of garlic, onion and related products, either for in row or in bulk presentation. They stand out for their high retention ability so that the product can be kept in a line from its preparation until its opening for consumption.

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Garlic and onions packaging

The many mesh structures and shapes allow to adapt the visibility of the packed product, either with manual machinery or with state of the art automatic machines.
Available in a large range of colours.


Those meshes, in constant evolution since its launch, guarantee the vertical and well visible position of the packed product in the sales display.
Its structure offers the best possibilities of presentation and vision of the products, allowing multiple combinations to highlight the final appearance of the bag.

Tubulars : Meshes manufactured in tubular format for the packaging of fruits and vegetables with bag preform system automatic machines.
They are available in different widths from 18 to 30 cm.

Flats : Meshes produced in flat format for the packaging of fruits and vegetables with automatic vertical machines. They are available in different widths from 59 to 65cm.

Printed films : Its high photographic print quality allows an optimal presentation of your brand image and of the product.
We provide generic printed films and we offer the possibility to customize your own label with your corporate image. We are also able to help you with a new design creation process. Our wide range of qualities adapts to any packaging need using our multi-layer films which guarantee a perfect weldability and adhesion to the mesh, creating the perfect pairing.
State-of-the-art printing systems guarantee the protection of the initial design during the entire manufacturing process and throughout usage.

Wineglass labels

Wine glass labels : Available in different widths from 15 to 22 mm, this tape can be printed on both sides to reinforce your corporate image. It is an ideal complement for packing in punnets.

Clipping wire

Suitable for strapping both manual, electric, semi-automatic or automatic machines, it provides a perfect and clean finish of the packaging.


Works with staples. It has 1 feeding funnel + spare tube + casing cone.
Weight 32 kg.


Produces up to 40 bags per minute. Continuous clipping wire, roll. It makes approximately 9.600 bags. Additionally with 2 feedings funnels + 2 spare tubes. Available in a three phase version or a one phase version on special order (380 V - 220 V). Optional label dispenser.
Weight 130 kg.


Machine for the automatic loading of tubular nets, both extruded and knitted. Two roller options available depending on the net type: rubber or brushes.

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We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our technical sales team which will be pleased to help you find the optimal solution to your needs.

Our catalogue for Packaging

Our catalogue for Packaging

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