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Its high photographic print quality allows an optimal presentation of your brand image and of the product. We provide generic printed films and we offer the possibility to customize your own label with your corporate image. We are also able to help you with a new design creation process. Our wide range of qualities adapts to any packaging need using our multi-layer films which guarantee a perfect weldability and adhesion to the mesh, creating the perfect pairing. State-of-the-art printing systems guarantee the protection of the initial design during the entire manufacturing process and throughout usage.


The main function of the wrapping paper is to differentiate the calibre of oranges or mandarins.
There are three finishes: Sulphite, Smooth and Super-calendered to dress and customize your product.


Its goal is to protect the product and to allow fruit’s transpiration, ensuring they reach the end customer in perfect conditions.
You can also customize it with any kind of nets and give it a stylish look thanks to the printed design.

Wineglass labels

Wine glass labels : Available in different widths from 15 to 22 mm, this tape can be printed on both sides to reinforce your corporate image. It is an ideal complement for packing in punnets.


Used to pack fruits and vegetables. We can customize the material colour as well as the printing.

Do you have a project in packaging?

We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our technical sales team which will be pleased to help you find the optimal solution to your needs.

Our catalogue for Packaging

Our catalogue for Packaging

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