OPEN BAG Oyster farming

Cover system for oyster bags

Easy opening and closing.
Adapted to any working (the suspended one, tables, cages or buoys).
Great opening (10cm).
Exhangeable Lids (4mm & 15 mm)
Recyclable product.
Anti-UV treatment.


Open Bag brings volume to your oyster bag once installed, thus contributing to optimal oyster growth. It can also be used with oyster bag open on both sides, with the lid closed on one. Its design makes it possible to use it with all types of growing systems, both on tables and off-shore, but also suspended by the lateral sides of the bag. All our oyster bags models, except the 2 mm and Aquatene Zip, are compatible with the Open Bag.


• 100% virgin material
• Black color
• You need 2 pieces( Body + Lid; 2 options)
• Mesh size Lids: 4 & 15 mm
• Reciclable Material
• U.V resistant material
• Made in Europe
• Does not transfer in the marine environment



What is an Oyster Bag? Intermas

Intermas describes here what an oyster bag is. It explains the advantages and benefits of the two types of mesh: diamond and square. You will discover the different options that exist, such as its closure system, its customization, its technical features (weight, dimensions, mesh size, welded, reinforced, open, preconformed, etc.)

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