DIAMOND NETS Oyster farming


Oyster bags made in HDPE and treated with anti-UV and antioxydant agents, the mechanical properties are a quality guarantee in terms of breaking strenght and durability with a diamond mesh. Very strong, rigid and flexible. Intermas® proposes a large range of oyster bags : open; weld or reinforced and in different dimensions.


• Environmentally friendly(recyclable)
• Easy to handle
• Easy to clean
• Easy to work
• Low cost
• Work option with multiple production systems.


• 100% virgin material
• Rómbic mesh
• Dimensions: 1 mtr x 50 cm (except 2mm : 1 mtr x 40 cm )
• U.V resistant material
• Black Color – Optional other colors
• Made in Europe
• Does not transfer in the marine environment
• Resistant cold / hot ; freshwater and salt waters
• Preconformed laterals and central(more volume) except in 2-3 mm
• More to 50 different models.



What is an Oyster Bag? Intermas

Intermas describes here what an oyster bag is. It explains the advantages and benefits of the two types of mesh: diamond and square. You will discover the different options that exist, such as its closure system, its customization, its technical features (weight, dimensions, mesh size, welded, reinforced, open, preconformed, etc.)

Horizontal suspended system for Oyster farming

A tidal culture method where intermas oyster bags are suspended horizontally from a longline, installed two by two and separated by posts driven into the seabed at regular intervals, usually shallow and in tidal areas. This technique ensures a good water flow circulation due to the movment of the tide.

Oyster Rack-and-bag culture system

A french table system to raise oyster also called "Oyster table". Intermas oyster bags, rhombic or square meshes are tied to a steel rebar rack using rubber band and hooks in a tidal zone.

AP6 Suspended oyster growing system

Horizontal suspended system for Oyster farming

Oyster Rack-and-bag culture system

Floating Bags Oyster System

Our Oyster growing Systems

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