TUBULAR NETS Mussel farming

Mussel growing nets for long line system

Offer a high breaking strength, mechanical characteristic that makes them indoneous for mussels growing even in rough seas.
Nets made of extruded polyethylene.


Tubular nets specially designed for the cultivation of mussels in Long-Lines. Depending on the size of the mussel, we work with different mesh size and diameters.
A specific weight of the mussel gives a superior quality to the product, which is why our meshes are resistants to support this weight and thus avoid breakage and lose production.


• Wide range of references with different semi-perimeters and mesh size.
• Resistant to breakage thanks to its weight and design
• Stabilized to UV (long lasting)
• Recyclable
• Rolls: 500, 900, 1000 mtr.
• Colors: Inco; black; blue; lila (color option)


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