POLE CULTURE NETS Mussel farming


They serve to support and to consolidate the mussels during his growth, avoiding lost by falls or by predators.

The "bouchots" cultivation takes place on poles drilled deep into muddy shoreline, intertidal growth technique, or bouchot technique. Our meshes netting are used to cover the mussels to prevent them from being detached and lost, or preyed upon.
ln order to optimize the space during early development, intermas mussel meshes offers extensible and strong tubular nets, with rhombic form. Thus, optimizing the space for mussels during development.


Tubular meshes specially designed to work in Pole culture (Bouchots). Used to maintain and give optimum growth to the mussel, avoiding losses by predators or and with optimal elasticity to be able to fit the mesh on the Bouchot. Depending on the area, the mesh width and the mesh size are very important, that is why we work with more than 6 references with different colors each, to identify easily the mesh put in each culture.


• Wide range of references with different mesh sizes and semi-perimeters
• Very resistant and versatile, very easy to work with (with mesh chargers)
• UV Stabilized (long lasting)
• Colors: Black, green, blue, yellow, red
• 750 mtr / 1000 mtr rolls


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