CAPTATION ROPES Mussel farming

Used both in the simple or continuous Long-Line systems

All our ropes are used both in the simple or continuous Long-Line systems. The mussels settle down on the rope's surface
They have a high resistance against UV and are sinkable.


Ropes are designed to give great mussel larvae collection capacity.
The choice of the product will depend on your work system.
Simple Long-line Captation : ropes from 3-15mtr in the water depending on the work areas, these are cut to remain vertical; Mussels from the wild attach naturally onto specially designed ropes that are suspended in the water column from a line on the surface.
Continuous Long Line Captation, in horizontal, according the length that it requires, from 25-50-200 to 2000 meters.


• Material: Polyester medium tenacity
• UV Stabilized (long lasting)
• Buoyancy: Self sinking without lead
• Surface, depens de model : Hairy / Braided Looped /Plaited and curl with double hair to catch and hold the spat / Super hairy (double surface)
• Construction: Braided
• Lay : Neutral (without turns)


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