WATERPROOF COAT Fishing & aquaculture material

The seaman's waterproof coat essential to brave the elements and protect yourself from the weather.

The design of this product was based on the recommendations of professional fishermen. We have redesigned the famous yellow waterproof coat composed of PVC-coated fabric to offer maximum waterproofing.

This fabric remains flexible under all circumstances, even in cold weather, to guarantee optimum comfort. It has inner and outer pockets to hold your tools, telephones, papers, etc.


Waterproof jacket, perfect for water work


• A hood which adjusts to head movements.
• Neoprene sleeves to stop water entering.
• Double zip closing protected by a waterproof flap.
• Slightly longer jacket to keep the bottom of your back dry even when you lean over or sit down. • Yellow & Green colors
• Weight : 650 gr
• Material: Poliester recubierto de PVC
• Size from M to XXL
• Option to customize it with the company name.

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